Optimization of space for our well-being

We spend 80% of our time indoors. At work or at home, we are used to adapting to our environment. What if space adapts to us now?

What is Space Optimization?

The optimization of space is above all to put every square centimeter of our interior at the service of our well-being. It’s a compliment to practicality. Design the storage according to what it will contain. Adjust the height of furniture to your own size. Consider ergonomics. Below are examples of practical considerations for your home decor. Optimizing spaces also means assigning specific functions to each space. And take into account the logic of circulation between them. It also means taking into account the needs of each user of a place so that everyone can flourish there. Here are some practical exercises to increase your well-being through space optimization:

1) Organize

Have you ever noticed that a good spring cleaning can clear your mind and focus on new projects? Likewise, do you feel less overwhelmed when you declutter your workspace? A little tidying up is the first step to increasing inner peace! For this, I recommend Marie Kondo’s book The Magic of Tidying Up.

2) Ask the right questions

What kind of space do I need? What qualities should he possess? For example: I need reception and storage space at the entrance. It must accommodate the storage of shoes and jackets for the whole family as well as guests. Once you have these specs in place, you can start planning or purchasing furniture.

In which environment do I like to evolve? Do I need a large airy space or a private cocoon? It depends on each person’s personality, some people like to be surrounded by what they like, some people like the silhouette. Before you start layout, take a moment to listen to your feelings and emotions.

What repetitive and restrictive gestures do I have to do on a daily basis? Is there a way to make them more interesting? Example: I have to walk through my house to hang up my clothes and come back the other way to put them away. Possible solutions: install dryers near the washing machine, build a laundry room near the dryer, etc.

To summarize

The main purpose of space optimization is to make your life easier. Create a positive vibe that recharges you instead of draining you. Have fun practicing these exercises at home, with family or colleagues. You can also be accompanied by a professional, such as a home stager or an interior designer. We have peace!